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The SustainabilityAV interviews: Paul Diaz

David Davies 11 November 2010
The SustainabilityAV interviews: Paul Diaz

Paul Diaz from Atlanta’s eco-conscious Tree Sound Studios is among a distinguished roll-call of speakers set to participate in next month’s SustainabilityAV online conference, which will be hosted by Pro Sound News Europe and Installation Europe, writes David Davies.

The free-to-attend virtual conference will take place on 3 December 2010. Full programme and speaker details are now available at the dedicated website,

Across a host of presentations and interactive Q&As, the green-themed conference will demonstrate to attendees how they can run their businesses in a more environmentally-friendly way, manage budgets more effectively, and improve the marketing of green ethics and business practices to customers, stakeholders and peer groups.

A distinguished roll-call of speakers will include Paul Diaz, owner and president of Atlanta’s Tree Sound Studios and Tree Leaf Music, who will deliver the International Case Study at the end of the day. Developed in conjunction with studio designer George Augsperger, Tree Sound Studios employs a variety of cutting-edge green technologies. Artists can use solar power to record their latest music, while there is even a complimentary bio-diesel car service to and from the facility.

Comprising three studio spaces and a live soundstage known as The Cave, Tree Sound Studios counts Fergie, Elton John, Whitney Houston and Usher among its many clients.

Whilst admitting that the studio sector is “inherently not a very energy-efficient" one, Diaz (pictured) says that Tree Sound does “everything it can” to be green – from the installation of solar panels to the use of low-energy LED lighting and bio-degradable materials. The company also runs a solar and wind-powered mobile rig that is positioned squarely at the entrance to the studio, reinforcing its green credentials.

But, adds Diaz, “the main push is to try and educate our clients about the various green options, be it the use of bio-diesel for a tour or recycled paper for their products. We hope that some of this will stick with them and maybe they will start spreading the message – perhaps through interviews or their music, or by setting a good example on tour.”

Indeed, a recent party to mark Tree Sound’s 20th anniversary invited celebrities to sign up to a pledge committing them to reducing the consumption of plastic water bottles.

Diaz adds that an upgrade now underway at Tree Sound will enable even more of its energy to be derived from renewable sources.

To view the SustainabilityAV 2010 online demonstration, please contact a member of the sales team:
Steve., Tel: (0)20 7921 8316, Tel: (0)20 7921 8378, Tel: (0)20 7921 8672

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