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The ONELAN way for currency exchange retailer

Paddy Baker 26 May 2010
The ONELAN way for currency exchange retailer

Eurochange SA at Athens International Airport has replaced its LED digit boards with ONELAN digital signage systems. Specified to help the company inform its clients about the buy/sell rates of international currencies, the ONELAN system enables straightforward updating of prices as well as the promotion of the full range of services on the same displays.

The ONELAN setup also makes it possible to operate an easily configurable display, and to manage centrally designed campaigns.

Installed by Panel TV, the new solution is based around the ONELAN NTB610 (Net-Top-Box) with ad hoc capabilities for straightforward local changes and input of messages, announcements, visual paging, layout changes and more. The system is deployed with vertically configured LCD panels that display content in two primary areas – exchange rates in the upper part, and payment methods, offers and complementary services in the remaining section.

In addition, each booth is now capable of passing individual messages and change rates off-line if necessary. The Net-Top-Boxes also have on/off operation of the screens for improved energy efficiency.

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