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The new age of Aquarius?

test 2 November 2009

Power management product provider IsoTek has unveiled its latest mains conditioning component, the Aquarius. The successor to the award-winning Mini Sub, the Aquarius is a six-way mains conditioning component sporting two high-current and four medium-current outlets, all individually filtered and fully isolated from one another.

The product also features a freshly designed aluminium casing and a current delivery that is greater than the GII Mini Sub with a full 16 amps available from its two high-current outlets.

Other notable features include thermo-magnetic fusing, a 16A IEC C20 inlet, IsoTek’s Adaptive Gating technology on the four medium-current outlets, and K.E.R.P. (Kirchoff’s Equal Path of Resistance), which is a new technology devised for IsoTek’s latest EVO3 generation of power conditioners that is said to enable a “pure, symmetrical” signal through the unit without interference from one socket to the next.

Available in silver or black at a price of £795, Aquarius offers 67,500 amps of “instantaneous and repeatable” protection from spikes and surges.

Keith Martin, founder and MD of IsoTek, told IE Residential: “Given its heritage, Aquarius is a product of tremendous significance to IsoTek. Our products are currently distributed in 58 countries and enjoyed by tens of thousands of music and movie lovers across Europe and around the world; with Aquarius, we aim to further cement our position as the leading supplier of specialised power management products for audio and AV applications worldwide.”

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