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Thailand restaurant invests in Symetrix DSP for 14-zone audio system

Duncan Proctor 7 July 2015
Thailand restaurant invests in Symetrix DSP for 14-zone audio system

The newly opened Ribs Mann restaurant in the popular tourist location of Khao Yai, Thailand has invested in a Symetrix DSP to provide audio across the venue’s three floors.

Bangkok-based distributor and systems integrator Fuzion Far East was enlisted to ensure a sound quality sound, and as part of its remit worked on an audio processing and distribution configuration suitable for live and non-live music across 14 zones.

The integrator’s familiarity with the SymNet Radius 12 x 8 open architecture Dante-scalable DSP led them in the direction of a Symetrix-based solution. “The customer wanted to be able to send audio through the network easily and efficiently across all three floors, and we knew we could achieve that with the Radius,” said Fuzion general manager Siri Wongkamolchun. “We also added SymNet xOut 12 expanders to each floor, along with ARC remotes for straightforward adjustment of key parameters. In addition, we have made it possible for the client to adjust the volume via ARC-WEB on their smartphone, should they require it.”

Staff can switch between live and background music and the Symetrix DSP’s support for Dante means that the restaurant is benefiting from the stability and reliability of the Audinate media networking technology.

NEXO and Genelec loudspeakers, along with Camco amplifiers, were also specified during the installation. As for its long-term usage of Symetrix DSPs, Wongkamolchun commented: “we have been using Symetrix products for almost every job. In the beginning, we added Symetrix DSPs to our projects because there are many benefits with them, such as AGC, limiter, EQ, feedback destroyer and so on. Nowadays, Symetrix has become a requirement, because by adding their DSPs to a project it is possible to achieve an improvement in sound quality for the entire system. The ARC remotes and SymVue control application also make it easy for clients to control their systems, so they are a great choice on that level too.”

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