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Teufel Audio acquires Raumfeld GmbH

David Davies 4 January 2011
Teufel Audio acquires Raumfeld GmbH

The purchase by the Berlin-based audio specialist adds a number of innovative audio streaming products to  its selection.

Since the end of 2009, Raumfeld has developed and marketed products based on its patented technology, which enables customers to experience music wirelessly through multiple rooms.

Teufel is now selling streaming audio products by Raumfeld GmbH via its online shop, which ships to countries throughout Europe. All Raumfeld GmbH employees joined the Teufel team in Berlin in mid-November, and Raumfeld will continue to exist as a brand.

Thorsten Reuber, executive director of Teufel, commented: “The demands of the market have changed drastically in recent years. Digital audio formats are becoming increasingly popular amongst customers, creating entirely new listening habits, which Raumfeld has engaged impressively. In turn, this has affected the consumer electronics market. It is our intention to work with Raumfeld’s technological know-how to set new standards by combining the advantages of digital audio formats and network technologies with the reputed quality of Teufel’s sound systems.”

Raumfeld co-founder Stephan Schulz summed up: “For Raumfeld, as a technological leader in audio streaming system solutions, a partnership with Teufel is ideal. Our customers will benefit not just from Teufel’s excellent audio quality, but also from Teufel’s extensive customer service, for example.”

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