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Technomad announces new compact install sub

Paddy Baker 17 May 2010
Technomad announces new compact install sub

The Technomad Oslo is a compact, high power, all-environment 18in subwoofer, to be introduced at InfoComm 2010 next month. Developed to suit indoor and outdoor themed entertainment applications, the new sub offers very low frequency response (below 100Hz) and high power rating (1,250W continuous).

Combined with a high SPL, the result, says Technomad, is a sub that offers a "clean and powerful" bass output. The product is also described as the only completely weatherproof subwoofer currently available in the 18in format.

Other features of the sub – which is said to be suitable for not just themed entertainment applications, but a host of permanent and temporary requirements – include 100% weatherproof construction thanks in part to IP56-rated protection, proprietary driver treatments and self-draining cabinets.

Technomad will also offer the Oslo in a powered configuration featuring a 1,600W weatherproof amplifier module based on its PowerChiton amplifier technology.

Rodger von Kries, vice president of Technomad, told IE: "Technomad is confident that the addition of the Oslo subwoofer to its line of weatherproof loudspeakers will dovetail nicely with expanded opportunities in the European installation market. We continue to add new dealers across Europe, the most recent being Letusa in Spain. With the Oslo, Technomad can now offer an excellent true subwoofer option to complement our full range products, and we have initial projects already under discussion for stadium sound reinforcement and themed entertainment applications. Work is well underway to offer the Oslo in a powered configuration as well, incorporating the weatherproof design of our PowerChiton amplifier modules directly into the loudspeaker cabinet."

The Oslo is available in 14 custom moulded-in colours that do not crack or fade in sunlight.

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