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Technology trends – the wireless boundary microphone

Andrew Brister 13 October 2010

Are your clients calling for more flexible and secure video conferencing? Encrypted wireless boundary microphones may be just the solution you are looking for.

Flexibility, effectiveness and cost are the main factors taken into consideration when specifying a video conferencing system. Wireless boundary microphones, such as those from beyerdynamic’s Stegos product line, have the functionality to complement such systems perfectly. They also optimise the technical process of speech transfer, an aspect of video conferencing that is often undervalued.

Based on the size of the room and the number of participants, up to four Stegos microphones can be employed to convert the spoken word into a high quality digital signal and transfer it to a single receiver. This transfer takes place using secure spread spectrum processing technology with additional 128-bit encryption. Up to three systems can be used simultaneously in parallel.

Messy cables lying around the conference table become a thing of the past. The environmentally-friendly, disposable NiMH battery pack allows the system to operate for 14 hours without interruption, recharging or changing batteries. The energy-efficient quad receiver is also extremely frugal, reducing the polluting effects on the environment to an absolute minimum.

Bidirectional traffic control between microphone and receiver ensures unprecedented sound quality in your customer’s video conferences, and the microphone status can be monitored easily with either a user-friendly software interface on a PC or a media control touch screen. The facility to mute all the microphones simultaneously at the touch of a button in standalone mode is said to be unique to Stegos.

Using the wide variety of audio interfaces available, as well as the audio cables delivered with the product, the Stegos receiver can be connected securely and simply to all the most popular video conferencing systems from any of the major suppliers. In addition to the pair of angled rod antennae delivered with the Stegos quad receiver, there is also a wide range of accessories which can be used to adapt the Stegos to meet the requirements of any video conference room.

Stegos –what does it all mean?
Stegos is an abbreviation of steganography, the art of conveying secret messages. It’s secret because the message is not even perceived as a message by third parties. Stegos combines spread spectrum processing technology with state-of-the-art encryption to set new standards for privacy and security.

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