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Technology trends – conference room solutions

Andrew Brister 12 January 2011
Technology trends - conference room solutions

Peter Zachariassen, regional manager at DIS, explains how the Danish parliament is utilising its new digital conference system, including voting and discussion modules.

The Danish parliament (Folketinget) inaugurated its new Danish Interpretation Systems (DIS) DCS 6000 digital conference system including voting and discussion at its opening meeting in October 2010.
The system is unique in terms of the level of integration as well as the client-server/terminal server platform. All 200 seats are included in a LAN network and connected to terminal servers with DCS SW 6000 software installed.

Each unit consists of an 8-inch touch screen, loudspeaker, card reader, channel selector and mini-jack as well as a thin-client PC running Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). The DCS 6000 system is fully integrated with an AMX camera control system with a graphics solution from Vista Spyder URS providing the graphics for the Parliament TV channel. Streaming and archiving to the internet is done via the DIS streaming application SW 7010.

Audio is delivered to the multichannel recorder (MURF), which is connected to the parliament’s internal PA system and also the internal TV channel. Two 103-inch Panasonic plasma screens are used to display voting results, agenda and speakers’ list, which again is customised to fit the parliament’s requirements.

In order to accommodate the vast requirements for the parliamentary operations, it was necessary to develop new functionality and new modules to the extensive DIS software package for this project. This was particularly true when it came to the easy and fully-user-friendly integration with the user’s existing parliament document handling system. In other words, all meeting data; such as meeting name, date, agenda, delegate information etc is imported into to the DIS conference system for each meeting, used, amended and then exported back to the parliamentary system for synchronisation and updating.

Altogether, this makes the new DCS 6000 system a true state-of-the-art solution, probably the most advanced conference solution in today’s conference market. This is the third generation of systems that DIS is supplying to the Danish parliament.

The parliament is extremely pleased with the new digital upgrade of their system, which today is second to none. The installation was a joint corporation between DIS and Informationsteknik Scandinavia A/S project division.

Peter Zachariassen is regional manager at Danish Interpretation Systems

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