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Technology trends – combining LEDs, textiles and dynamic content

Andrew Brister 19 November 2014
Technology trends – combining LEDs, textiles and dynamic content

Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells combines LEDs, textiles and dynamic content to drive sales of the new Lexus NX in 44 showrooms across Russia

Lighting giant Philips has unveiled the first Lexus car showroom in Russia outfitted with a unique and connected ambient lighting system that combines LEDs with textiles and dynamic content. The Lexus-Rublevskiy showroom in Moscow has been renovated for the Russian premiere of the Toyota Lexus NX, with Philips luminous textiles creating a dynamic halo of light around the car to attract the attention of customers. By the end of 2014, Philips luminous textiles will be installed in all 44 of Lexus’ showrooms across Russia.

Lexus retail specialists in Russia renovated the presentation areas of their showrooms, notably the platform where the car is placed. Philips luminous textile panels have been installed above the car so that dynamic content is reflected in the mirror surface of the platform. Colourful splashes of light fall on the body of the car, enhancing the whole installation and drawing attention to the uniquely futuristic design of the new Lexus NX.


Luminous textile shows dynamic content which can be changed to customise atmosphere in showroom areas. The content can be controlled via an app on smartphone or tablet. Various themes can be chosen from the preinstalled playlist and changed within seconds.

“We are proud to work in co-operation with one of world’s leading car manufacturers,’’ comments Berno Ram, head of lighting applications for Philips in Russia CIS and Central Asia. ‘’Philips supports its customers with connected lighting systems that bring businesses competitive advantage and enhance their brand image. Our connected lighting system with luminous textiles accentuates the futuristic design of the new Lexus NX, showing the car in the best light.”

An innovative approach to lighting design can be a considerable competitive advantage in retail. Light is no longer used just for illumination; it has now become a tool for changing shopping behaviour. Lighting can attract customers’ attention, guide them from one shopping area to another, enhance brand identity and ultimately help increase sales.

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