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Technology trends – audio conferencing

Andrew Brister 21 September 2011
Technology trends – audio conferencing

A new solution from Revolabs promises to redefine the conference speakerphone product category. TFA examines its likely impact on the audio conference market.

A new wireless conference phone looks set to shake-up the growing market in small- to mid-sized conference rooms, executive offices and SoHo environments. The product is the Revolabs FLX and is based on Revolabs’ wireless audio technology that for years has delivered excellent sound quality for audio and video conferencing to large conference rooms and boardrooms.

“The Revolabs FLX redefines the conference speakerphone product category,” reports Ira M. Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research. “The combination of wireless operation, high quality wide-band audio, 128-bit encryption, integrated Bluetooth, support for both analog and IP, and low price point makes the FLX worthy of consideration by small, medium, and large enterprises.” 

“We are pleased to be able to offer our superior wireless audio technology to small- and mid-sized conference rooms with our new Revolabs FLX system. All of our FLX microphones and speakers support wide band audio (80 -11000 Hz), delivering natural sounding audio in all environments,” said JP Carney, Revolabs chief operating officer. “This is a huge advantage for companies seeking to enhance their unified communications and collaboration strategy.”

The wireless Revolabs FLX has evolved the conference phone into several distinct components giving callers unprecedented freedom with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones and dial pad.  
A variety of Revolabs microphones are available to match the caller’s needs including a lapel microphone worn by one person, an omni-directional tabletop microphone that captures the sound of six to ten participants, and a directional tabletop microphone that enables audio capture from two to three people.

The Revolabs FLX system replaces the need for two separate desk and conference phones since the dialer works like a telephone for handset calls and is also used to set up conference calls. Private conversations can be held at any time during a
conference call.

In addition to phone conferencing, callers can use the Revolabs FLX as the audio interface with their video conferencing unit, providing the same high performance and freedom for video calls. Revolabs FLX is compatible with all major brands of video conferencing systems. Callers without Internet access can have their phone calls ‘bridged’ into the video session at any time. 

Bluetooth technology integrated into the product provides a single collaboration device no matter which communication channel is used.  The Revolabs FLX lets users connect the speaker and microphones to their Bluetooth enabled cell phone or computer.


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