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Tannoy sound solution for historic Indian theatre

David Davies 11 October 2011
Tannoy sound solution for historic Indian theatre

Tannoy QFlex and V Series systems have been installed at the Gaitey Theatre in Himachal Pradesh, India, which was constructed in 1887 and is inevitably associated with the British Colonial period.

The government of Himachal Pradesh recently restored the 320-capacity (seated) facility, which is still used for a wide range of cultural activities, including theatre and musical performances. M/S Godrej was enlisted to satisfy the need for a new sound solution and opted to deploy Tannoy beam-steering technology in a fashion that is complementary to the building’s unique aesthetic and wide variety of event types.

As well as two QFlex 24s, two VS 18DR subs and two V8 sound reinforcement loudspeakers were also specified and installed to provide complete full range coverage and in-fill where required. The installed audio system was completed by the addition of a Biamp Nexia for signal routing and Yamaha mixing consoles. QSC amplifiers were provided to power the Tannoy V8s and VS subs.

M/S Godrej’s Mr Haider explained the specification of QFlex: “We proposed this solution because we knew the quality of Tannoy loudspeakers, and had experience of just how effective QFlex can be in terms of intelligibility. I’m glad to say that the user and performers find it [to be a] fantastic system for their performances, as it gives a uniform coverage in the auditorium.”

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