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Tannoy DVS, CVS speakers for DiMaggios

David Davies 31 August 2011
Tannoy DVS, CVS speakers for DiMaggios

Bryce Keachie, audio consultant with Keachie Electronics, has overseen the installation of Tannoy speakers in two DiMaggios Group restaurants.

The latest projects took place at Amarone in Edinburgh and Barolo Grill in Glasgow. In both cases, complementing the aesthetics of the restaurants and providing flexibility for a variety of musical requirements were key priorities.

At Aramone, the need to specify a speaker that could be surface-mounted led Keachie to select the DVS series. Models in this range can be mounted vertically or horizontally without compromising the dispersion and coverage control, offering complete versatility where positioning is concerned. The speakers were integrated with the Camco amplifiers and Cloud z4 controller that were already part of the existing set-up.

“I had seen the new DVS range and was very impressed with the new design. Not only did they have outstanding acoustic ability, but they are an ideal choice for value-engineered projects too,” said Keachie.

An in-ceiling solution was required at Barolo Grill, prompting the specification of 16 CVS 6s and three CVS4s. Once again, the loudspeakers were deployed in conjunction with existing (Cloud) mixer and amplifier technology.

Keachie summed up: “For value-engineered projects such as these, where there’s a demand for keeping control of costs without necessarily compromising in performance, both the DVS and CVS Series provided us with a good set of options. For the price point, these loudspeakers meant that we could use a quality product that was fully reliable and built to last, and all within the budget set out by the client. The positive feedback we have had from DiMaggios is testament to the build quality of the Tannoy product ranges.”

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