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Tannoy CVS for popular Riga restaurant

David Davies 2 December 2011
Tannoy CVS for popular Riga restaurant

The latest addition to the Gan Bei restaurant chain, located in the Galleria Riga shopping centre in the Latvian capital of Riga, features Tannoy CVS and DVS speakers.

The provision of a sleek, ultra-modern audio system for the new venue, Gan Bei City, was the challenge issued to sound specialists Unique Ltd.

“The new restaurant has a total area of 300 square metres and has a high-class interior, so the owners were keen not to spoil that with the intrusions of an installed audio system,” explained Unique CEO Rihards Rubenis. “In essence, they wanted the loudspeakers to be virtually invisible, but at the same time deliver high quality, high SPL sound coverage; as they bring in guest DJs to play music at the weekends for more of a vibrant, party atmosphere.”

Rubenis found the solution in Tannoy’s dedicated in-ceiling range, CVS Series. For total coverage in the restaurant hall, Rubenis decided on eight CVS 8 loudspeakers, supplemented by four CMS 801sub devices to provide the additional lower-end presence required of a flexible system. These are used in conjunction with an APart PM7400MKII pre-amplifier, Champ4 amplifiers and a PC1000R CD/SD card player.

“Tannoy CVS 8 speakers together with CMS SUB was the perfect combination,” said Rubenis. “The sound is clear, powerful and with a reserve on power. CVS gives the client everything they need in terms of audio quality, but at the same time doesn’t interfere with the look and feel of the restaurant. The fact that you get such great quality for such a great price is a real bonus too.”

Gan Bei City also has an outdoor terrace, and for this area Rubenis chose four DVS 6 speakers from
Tannoy’s DVS range.

“The versatility of the speakers meant we were able to offer complete coverage, which means its sounds great no matter where you are sitting,” concluded Rubenis.

While this is the first restaurant in the Gan Bei chain to have been fitted with Tannoy CVS Series speakers, the owners have already stated their intention to use CVS series for their next restaurant.

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