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Talk to your house with WOICE

Installation Staff 20 January 2015
Talk to your house with WOICE

A mobile app called WOICE, requiring no extra hardware and enabling users to use their voice to control building automation, is making its ISE debut on the Wtech stand.

Wtech develops software and solutions to control any building in a simple and user friendly way. No computer programming is needed, everything is easily and quickly configurable by simply telling the system what and where is wired to the input/output devices.

The configuration process is entirely based on ethernet (wired or WiFi), removing any location limit of physical components. Input and outputs are open, so they can control anything wired to the unit.

User interface is free and can be accessed by any device, computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV by using a web browser. Customer user interfaces, such as touchscreens or special user interfaces, are not needed.

For a better user experience, the company also offers a range of apps for mobile devices to enable the control of any building automation standard, removing compatibility issues arising from several protocol implementations. Wtech’s apps lets users create a personal user interface, with commands and scenarios matching needs and desires.

Stand: 12-F85

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