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Take 20: Primare delivers new music system

David Davies 28 September 2011
Take 20: Primare delivers new music system

The teaming of the I22 amplifier and CD22 player in the 20 series music system is said to represent the fusion of understated Nordic design, intuitive operation and high sound quality.

The CD22 and I22 are equipped with complementary low-noise wide-band electrical designs featuring discrete circuits, short signal paths and dedicated power supplies. The chassis, in a choice of black or titanium, are of heavy gauge steel.

Matching displays and compatible connections provide operational synergy between the I22 and CD22. Power-up, display brightness and control are synchronised when both units are connected via IR and operated using the system remote control. The I22’s versatile menu allows for the setting of power-up and max volume, input re-naming (up to six characters), input disabling and volume/balance for each input, defined in 1dB steps.

An optional DAC upgrade for the I22 adds isochronous USB-B, TOSLINK and SPDIF inputs for streaming music from PCs and Macs. In addition, RS232, IR and trigger connections make integration with home automation systems routine.

As well as CD sources, the CD22 will also play and control MP3 or WMA files via USB or disc. The player incorporates a dedicated CD transport (rather than a common multi-format CD/DVD-ROM interface) with a considerable five second buffer memory in order to provide the best jitter suppression and protection from mechanical shock. As determined by user preference, signals may be up-sampled to 48 kHz, 96 kHz or 192kHz before conversion through a single high-performance Burr-Brown PCM1792 DAC/filter combination. SMD technology and separate PCB modules are used throughout the design in order to keep the signal paths isolated and short, while all analogue and digital audio circuits are supplied from separate R-core transformer windings.

All functions are clearly visible in white VFD characters, which can be dimmed in four stages to match the I22’s display when the units are connected via IR. Comprehensive outputs include unbalanced RCA analogue and SPDIF and TOSLINK digital. A specially designed power supply for its microprocessor circuit provides the CD22 with a very low standby power mode of just 0.5W.

The I22 is an upgradable 2 x 80 watt integrated amplifier utilising twin proprietary Ultra Fast Power Device (UFPD) power modules. Features include an eco-friendly standby mode of only 0.3W, and a versatile menu that allows the renaming of inputs and the setting of operational parameters for each. In addition, a DAC board upgrade is available, comprising three digital inputs for the upgrading of existing CD players via their digital outputs and the streaming of HD music files from PCs and Macs.

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