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Symetrix provides processing for Beijing visitor centre

David Davies 22 August 2011
Symetrix provides processing for Beijing visitor centre

The 3D multimedia auditorium on the top floor of the renovated Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall features a Symetrix Jupiter DSP at the heart of a versatile audio spec.

In addition to showing a 3D movie about Beijing, the 3D auditorium regularly shows features films and hosts conferences. Following the failure of the original audio processor, AV integrator Sanecore Group design specialist Alan Ho – in conjunction with staff at the exhibition centre – opted to replace it with a Symetrix Jupiter 8.

A ‘zero learning curve’, intuitive operation and straightforward configuration were among the reasons behind the selection of the Jupiter technology. A host of apps are available for use with the Symetrix Jupiter platform, and the 3D multimedia auditorium employs the Sound Reinforcement #9 App, which provides matrix mixing, equalisation and speaker management.

The Jupiter 8 is deployed in conjunction with a Soundcraft GB8-32, which delivers eight output groups to the processor. An EAW sb184c subwoofer complements a surround array composed of Renkus-Heinz PNX full-range loudspeakers, while QSC ISA devices provide amplification.

“We were very pleased to use the new Jupiter system,” said Ho. “The physical installation was quick, and the entire system was tuned in under an hour. In contrast to the prior processor, the Jupiter is infinitely flexible, and were able to choose an app that would satisfy all of the demands of the 3D theatre. Changing the default settings was easy in the elegant Windows GUI that is provided.”

Ho added that auditorium staff have given “very high praise” to the Jupiter system.

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