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SX2200 Series from SurgeX

Jo Ruddock 31 March 2011
SX2200 Series from SurgeX

The SX2200 line provides Advanced Series Mode surge protection and power conditioning for all types of audio, video and computer equipment. Four ranges offer region-specific connectivity and load-capable circuitry, with three models available in each range (RT, RL and standard).

This provides consultants, contractors and end-users with a choice of surge eliminators offering application-specific features, such as remote turn-on or front-panel task lamp connectivity. SX2210 models are 10A load-capable (for China and Australia), SX2213 models are 13A load-capable (for the UK), SX2215 models are 15A load-capable (South Africa) and SX2216 models are 16A load-capable (Europe).

All models have six grounded industrial-grade AC outlets on the rear panel, with five switchable and one permanently on. Both RT and standard models also provide a front-panel courtesy outlet.

The SX2200RL has two XLR connectors for task lamps to provide dimmable illumination of equipment racks while the SX2200RT includes a remote turn-on capability for use in integrated power distribution systems. 

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