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Sunfire introduces powerful new sub

David Davies 15 February 2011
Sunfire introduces powerful new sub

The latest launch from Sunfire – the Atmos subwoofer – is billed as the smallest, most powerful subwoofer in its class.

The Atmos features a custom designed 6.5” woofer paired with a unique new asymmetrical cardioid surround, allowing over 1.5” of excursion. The surround is said to provide superior control of the 6.5” driver, reducing distortion and increasing fidelity and reliability.

The product also includes a 1400W amplifier, while Sunfire used FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to design the aluminium cabinet and the drivers, as well as to redesign the Tracking Downconverter amplifier. An auto-room equalizer circuit automatically adjusts the sub’s response to best suit the room acoustics for maximum bass quality and performance. Moreover, for those requiring even more bass, two Atmos subs can be paired with just one wire through its conveniently-located master/slave connectors.

Mark Weisenberg, managing director of Sunfire, told IE Residential: "Sunfire’s new Atmos subwoofer, designed from the ground up, sets another benchmark for small, high fidelity, high output and reliable subwoofers. Using a newly-designed surround which we call the Asymmetrical Cardiod Surround (ACS), the Atmos provides over 4cm of linear excursion for the long-throw 16.5cm active driver. Responding to the unique needs of smaller living spaces, the Atmos is optimally configured for U.K. households, fitting 1400W of accurate, dynamic bass in an enclosure with a footprint less than 26cm square."

The Atmos will begin shipping in Q2 2011 on a limited availability basis.

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