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StudioAV unveils residential showroom

test 23 April 2007

Opening its new showroom in Eton High Street, studioAV has created an entirely new retail concept, bringing together cutting edge audio-visual equipment and interior furnishings to create complete solutions in home entertainment, reinventing the very idea of walls’ and transforming them into a dynamic part of a rooms furnishings.


The new showroom features ‘Boiserie’, the patented wooden wall panelling system manufactured by Listone Giordano of Perugia Italy, which is fitted slightly proud of the structural wall with a fixing system that leaves an internal space to accommodate high-tech sound and vision equipment.


StudioAV has been appointed as Listone Giordano’s exclusive independent UK distributor of ‘Boiserie’ products. studioAV also integrates the full range of Linn Products, enabling the company to provide automated multi-room music systems, home cinema, creative lighting, phone systems, security and much more.


In the showroom, studioAV also unveiled Hull based FeONIC’s second generation F1 drives, invisibly mounted onto the rear of the ‘Boiserie’ panels creating an audio environment that is alive, moving and tantalising to the senses, an emotive experience, wirelessly and discreetly.


Chris Fuller of studioAV says: "By integrating FeONIC technology we are able to turn most wall and floor surfaces into sound speakers, creating a unique psycho-acoustic effect and enhancing the atmosphere of traditional surround sound. No more visible wires, boxes or speaker grilles. Optionally if you need deeper bass just add a subwoofer out of sight."


Jim Punter, director of studioAV comments, "High end homes are now extremely sophisticated. The key word is ‘integration’ – customers want high-performance entertainment systems designed to be seamlessly incorporated into their interior living spaces. Boiserie’s beautiful wall cladding is the ideal way to achieve a wire-free, fully integrated lifestyle."


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