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Streamit internet solution

Andy Stout 29 January 2010
Streamit internet solution

Streamit’s newly-announced SAS200 is the latest member of the Streamit SAS series of IP audio transmitters tapping into the growing interest in live audio over the internet.

Many organisations want to stream their audio live to the internet. While there are several software solutions available on the market, exhibitor Streamit believes that there is a growing demand for easy-to-use hardware encoders.

Streamit’s newly-announced SAS200 – a new member of the Streamit SAS series of IP audio transmitters – addresses this requirement and more, says the company: it is easy to install and flexible to use and is priced competitively – and is differentiated through its inclusion of a built-in IP-audio recorder.

As well as streaming the audio to the internet, the SAS200 can simultaneously record the stream on to a local SDHC card.

To maximise audio quality, the SAS200 offers XLR inputs and encodes in Ogg Vorbis: the company says that this open source codec gives excellent audio quality with low bandwidth consumption. Complementing the Streamit Lukas and SIR receivers from Streamit, the SAS200 features a stereo headphone output; a rack mount kit is optionally available.

According to the company, the SAS200 is an ideal solution for clubs, schools, universities, local radio stations, conference centres and churches that want to be present on the internet with a high quality audio stream, but don’t want to be confused by complicated operation.

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