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installation logo announces certification for new Microsoft OS

test 30 November 2009

Stardraw Control 2010 and Stardraw A/V 2007 have been certified to run on Microsoft’s much-publicised Windows 7. RackTools 3.5 – an OEM solution that is powered by a Stardraw engine – has also received certification for Windows 7, which was launched on 22 October.

In addition to Vista and Windows 7 certification, is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an Autodesk Authorized Developer.

Stardraw marketing director Rob Robinson (pictured during a presentation at a recent trade show) commented: “As well as recognising our technical competence as a software developer, partnership programmes like these gives us access to a rich set of benefits such as training and support, all of which help to extend our competitive edge in the market and better serve our licensed user base, which now amounts to nearly 30,000 individuals in 68 countries.”

Invited to reflect on the year now drawing to a close and look ahead to 2010, Robinson told II: “I think we’ve been lucky in 2009, but it’s an old clich_ that the harder you work, the luckier you get. We’re fortunate to have been less affected than many during the ‘challenging economic times’ that everyone has been talking about, but in fact a climate of uncertainty does nothing so much as focus the mind. We’ve been concentrating on partnerships and exploring the ways in which emerging technologies will help us to deliver the products and services that we’ve had in the conceptual pipeline for a while. 2010 will see the fruits of this.”

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