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Stansted’s NanoLumens curved display is UK airport first

Duncan Proctor 12 May 2015
Stansted's NanoLumens curved display is UK airport first

London’s Stansted Airport has installed a 12m (39ft) NanoLumens display to provide flight information, airport updates and advertising space. It is also the first curved screen to be installed at any airport in the UK.

A second NanoLumens solution is scheduled for installation soon as part of airport advertising agency Eye Airports’ £8 million ‘Redefining Airports’ investment initiative across Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, Bristol and Newcastle Airports.

NanoLumens EMEA managing director David DaCosta, commented: “Airports have a unique need to deliver important information right alongside advertising to tens of thousands of people every day. By utilising our one-of-a-kind technology, Stansted Airport is making it easier for their customers to find their flight information as well as providing an advertising platform that simply can’t be missed. The display’s curvature attracts the eye and stands as an interesting piece in itself, as people don’t often see such a large digital display, let alone one that curves along a wall.”

Stansted is currently undergoing significant redevelopment with an £80 million terminal project due to be completed later this year as part of a wider £260 million investment program.

ADXBA works directly with airports and various media owners and agencies and they were approached for this project to design, fabricate and install the NanoLumens solution. Another facet to the project was creating a bespoke software management solution for Stansted airport allowing the display and control of both flight information and advertising content. ADXBA’s in house software department worked closely with the IT departments at Stansted Airport and EYE Airports to deliver this integrated digital solution.

ADXBA managing director Jim Kerr said: “We were excited to be approached for this unique opportunity at Stansted and obviously delighted in playing an integral part in the modernisation of Stansted Airport. This project had a number of challenges for us and we are extremely proud with how we overcame these in delivering a fantastic and effective solution.”

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