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SpeakerCraft launches ërevolutionaryí AV distribution and control system

test 14 August 2009

The new product, called Nirv, was designed ìfrom the ground up with no legacy system requirementsî, reports David Davies. Featuring a modular architecture instead of a massive central hub, Nirv enables the dealer to buy only the pieces necessary for the specific system he/she has designed.

Enabling ìeasy and intuitiveî on-screen programming, Nirv allows all media, data, control and communication signals to be distributed through a single Cat5 cable. Beyond standard AV distribution, the system also integrates theatre surround sound, home automation and page/intercom into one package.

Set to be demonstrated to dealers on SpeakerCraftís booth at CEDIA Expo in Atlanta this September, Nirv is due to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2010.

SpeakerCraftís Nicole Sander told IE Residential: ìNirv has been designed to provide the most human interface possible, allowing everyone to enjoy their home without consideration for how something was being achieved. As we move focus away from the ëmore typicalí wall panel we believe Nirv will offer a far more sympathetic approach to the great diversity of interiors throughout Europe.î

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