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Spanish venue upgrades with Yamaha, Nexo

David Davies 7 December 2011
Spanish venue upgrades with Yamaha, Nexo

The multi-purpose live entertainment facility La Esfera (The Sphere) in Alcobendas, north of Madrid, has been installed with a comprehensive Yamaha/Nexo digital audio system.

Versatility and the need for the FOH multicore to be routed around the edge of the auditorium were among the chief priorities confronting equipment supplier and installer Milan Acústica, prompting the company to specify a Yamaha console, with distribution via EtherSound to a Nexo loudspeaker system.

“Milan Acústica already knew the PM5D, which they really like the sound of, although this installation didn’t need a console of that size,” said Jacinto López of Yamaha Music Europe Ibérica. “It was also very important to have a console which any sound engineer could walk up to and use in the shortest time possible.”

The deployment ultimately chosen by Milan Acústica was an EtherSound-based system comprising a Yamaha M7CL-48ES mixing console with six AD8HR remote mic preamps, an NAI48-ES network interface, and two DA824 digital-analogue converters. To deliver a clean and open look at FOH, the company selected a loudspeaker system of six Nexo GEO-Ss per side, augmented by PS8 and PS10 front fills installed on the lighting truss and four PS15 sidefills.

“A Nexo NX242 speaker processor controls the system, meaning that the M7CL-48ES EtherSound output is fed straight to the system, without going through any unnecessary AD/DA conversion. This ensures that the audio quality is as high as it possibly can be.

“The system has achieved the best possible audio quality for the available budget and all users of it have been very impressed at how the sound at La Esfera has improved.”

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