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Soundweb helps to upgrade Gaelic football stadium

David Davies 29 November 2010
Soundweb helps to upgrade Gaelic football stadium

Grainger Communication engaged BSS Soundweb London DSPs to provide the digital backbone for  a new audio installation at McHale Park Gaelic football stadium in Castelbar, County Mayo.

The construction of a new 10,000-capacity stand constitutes the latest phase in converting the venue into a 41,000 all-seater facility.

A long-time Soundweb user, Grainger Communication MD Martin Grainger elected to install a single London BLU16 DSP block onto the CAT5 infrastructure at this stage, accommodating the phased nature of the development and allowing the possibility of further expansion in the future.

Grainger reflected: “Presently we have only one rack position — but it’s a very flexible set-up and as things develop I will expand the Soundweb environment — possibly using the BLU-Link [BSS’s proprietary fault-tolerant 256-channel ring]. As it is, we have created an infrastructure so we can move things around, should we need to modify the layout.” And they have already made provision for other external devices to be plugged into the ring.

The BLU-16 offers control and I/O configurability of multiple, individually processed channels, and has enabled Grainger to create a gain structure with targeted zonal coverage of the stands, retail areas, toilets,  concourses and entrance/exit points. The emergency switching is also handled in the Soundweb architecture, while delay taps and compression/limiting have also been applied where required thanks to the use of London Architect.

“Soundweb is the business,” said Grainger. “It’s logical – you can think your way around scenarios and it provides excellent sound quality.”

A Soundcraft EFX-12 – which mixes the presenters’ AKG B5 handhelds, a radio mic facility and music – along with CD and MP3 players are also part of the new set-up.

An interview with Martin Grainger is due to appear in the January 2011 issue of Installation Europe.

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