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Soundcraft tackles on-stage mic mishaps

Paddy Baker 30 January 2012

VM2 – Vistonics Microphone Monitoring – is a new development from Soundcraft and AKG that promises to make the front of house engineer’s life easier.   For the first time, it’s possible to monitor the status of any Harman HiQnet-compatible AKG radio mic directly from the Soundcraft Vi Series console surface. VM2 provides real-time visual displays of battery life, RF status, mic muting and internal clipping directly on a channel strip on the Vistonics screen. This means that problems become visible long before they become audible – with expanded information instantly available just by touching the screen.

System configuration uses Harman’s proprietary HiQnet network: it’s just a case of plugging in the mics and patching them to the related console channels. The rack location of the relevant mic receiver can be identified by pressing the Locate button, causing the receiver front panel display to flash.

According to Soundcraft, mic problems that occur once a show is underway – such as reception black spots, drained batteries or accidental mutes – can be anticipated and prevented using VM2.   Stand: 3C120

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