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Sound Technology announces PLASA Show plans

David Davies 16 August 2011
Sound Technology announces PLASA Show plans

The Harman Pro distributor will showcase JBL’s new Marquis Dance Club Series Loudspeakers and AKG’s DMS 700 V2 digital wireless system, among other products.

Comprising eight models designed to suit a variety of dance club environments, the JBL Marquis Dance Club Series incorporates new driver configurations and enclosure designs.

The MD1, MD2, MD3 and MD7 ultra-high, mid-high-frequency, low- frequency and subwoofer modules can be combined to create a complete five-way loudspeaker system that delivers extended high- frequency, high-frequency, midrange, bass and sub-bass capability, with frequency response down to 20Hz and the ability to deliver high volume levels in large spaces.

The MD1 provides frequency response from 8kHz to beyond 20kHz, the MD2 handles frequencies from 300Hz to 20kHz, the MD3 provides frequency response from 80Hz to 300Hz, and the subwoofer is capable of generating bass down to 25Hz. The MD46, MD49, MD52 and MD55 are standalone, full-range loudspeakers that can be used in a variety of room sizes and applications.

Jon Sager, senior manager for installed sound at JBL Professional, commented: “JBL began offering loudspeakers for club use back in the 1970s, and JBL products helped define club sound when the industry was just beginning. The JBL Marquis Dance Club Series continues this heritage of innovation with a range of purpose-designed loudspeakers that bring high-impact sound to club goers who want to feel and hear all the excitement of the music.”

Sound Technology will also highlight the AKS DMS 700 V2 digital wireless microphone system. Compatible with Channel 38 and pre-loaded with UK-specific frequency presets, the DMS 700 V2 offers 512-bit encryption, ultra-low latency and new DPT700 bodypack. The system is also available with a hand-held transmitter featuring AKG’s D7 dynamic capsule.

Users with the original DMS 700 wireless system can update their units through a software and hardware update.

Wolfgang Fritz, product marketing manager – tour sound, AKG, commented: “The new AKG DMS 700 V2 is the next step in AKG’s pursuit of the perfect, flawless audio signal transmission. It offers the audio professional ease of use, quick set-up and reliable operation in this demanding industry, even in the most challenging environments.”

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