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Sony debuts 4K visual presentation solution

Jo Ruddock 4 February 2014
sony ise 2014

Vision Presenter is a new 4K visual presentation solution from Sony. Launching at ISE 2014, the Vision Presenter makes it possible to display data from multiple sources – videos, still images, presentation slides, websites, and videoconferencing – as part of a collaborative environment.

Claimed to be extremely easy to operate using either a conventional wireless mouse or tablet device, Sony’s Vision Presenter viewing system is able to select a layout pattern of the user’s choice, displaying information from various sources at the same time. Interactive operation can be performed regardless of where the system is located. For example, shuffling content by dragging and dropping to a main screen from source screens or maximising main screen size to focus on one content source can be done instantly.

Using Sony’s professional projectors equipped with edge-blending functionality, the Vision Presenter allows images from two projectors to be ‘tiled’ seamlessly to create displays up to 3552 x 1080.It is also able to control Sony’s PTZ camera SRG series (SRG-120DH, SRG-300H) and BRC series (BRC-H900, BRC-Z700, BRC-Z330) through a remote-control function pop-up on the screen. The Vision Presenter can control the pan/tilt/zoom of the camera position, allowing users to present live video images on the screen. Without interrupting the flow of a presentation, Sony says that it is possible to insert live video effectively and pre-set a camera position so it can be called up anytime. This function can also be performed remotely by tablet devices.

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