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Sony celebrates first CineAlta 4K digital cinema installation in Germany

test 10 December 2007

The project was carried out through a collaboration between the CINEPLEX cinema and Sony, with support from Film-Ton-Technik Hannsdieter R_ttgers GmbH (FTT) D_sseldorf. In addition to a Sony CineAlta 4K projector, the cinema now plays host to a Sony Media Block, with comprehensive rights-management in line with DCI specifications.

“We are convinced that the future of cinema lies in 4K projection,” said Felix Esch, CEO of the CINEPLEX, M_nster,. “We are therefore very proud to be the first German cinema to be able to present our audiences with digital images at 4K resolution. The quality is truly breathtaking – although this is not the only reason that we will support this technology in future.”

“The technology installed in M_nster was specially developed to cater for the increased demands of the digital cinema era,” said Egon Gr_fen on behalf of FTT’s management. “As a company working in the field of D-Cinema, we are very impressed with the quality of the technology and are pleased to have successfully implemented the first 4K system in Germany, together with our partners CINEPLEX and Sony.”

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