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Sonic wave opens new dimension

Andy Stout 29 January 2010
Sonic wave opens new dimension

With the rise in interest in domestic 3D, Swiss-based company sonic emotion is presenting its new 3D sound processor, sonic wave I HD, at ISE 2010.

The device comes with a 16-channel internal audio playback engine, specially made for control by the timeline-based show control software Media Manager. This allows users to arrange their content and set automations, or move sounds in realtime through its virtual sound environment.

“Thanks to sonic emotion’s innovative 3D Sound Technology, your creative sound designs can be played back without a sweet spot, meaning the whole audience perceives the perfect, spatial audio image, regardless of their position in the room,” said the firm’s Jörg Wertli.

Sonic emotion licences 3D sound technologies for home and computer entertainment and headphones. It also develops and manufactures 3D sound processors for cinemas, theme parks, theatres and clubs. The declared vision of the company is to create emotions just by sound and open up new dimension of sound reproduction.

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