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Sonic Foundry advances the power of Mediasite

Jo Ruddock 11 February 2015
Sonic Foundry advances the power of Mediasite

The video creation and management solution delivers interactive video live and on demand to any user on any screen.

In addition it provides all the tools need to catalogue, index, customise, secure and analyse video assets. Mediasite also makes it possible to quickly publish, easily retrieve and ultimately measure the impact of video content. Mediasite combines the power of media and metadata to yield accurate video search results and save users’ search time.

Mediasite SmartSearch auto- scans and indexes everything related to content – speech, slides, video, tags, metadata and transcripts – rendering any video immediately discoverable. It’s easy to search within a specific video, in a video collection or across an entire Mediasite library of content. Mediasite SmartSearch displays all keyword hits, associated withvideo timestamps, making it a snap to review and play from wherever users choose.

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