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Software update for Meridian Sooloos

David Davies 30 July 2011
Software update for Meridian Sooloos

The new Sooloos 2.1 software heralds support for 176.4 kHz and 192 kHz sample rates, allowing the import and playback of those higher-resolution media.

This capability is available for use with Sooloos deployments where the system core runs on one of the company’s latest products: Media Core 200, Media Core 600 and Control 15.

Customers who already own music recorded and stored at the higher sample rates can use the ‘Import Folders’ and ‘Import Files’ features of Control PC and Control Mac to add the content to their systems. To help integrate this higher-resolution content with Sooloos’ search and discovery features, metadata and cover art – where available – will be brought in with the media being imported and/or downloaded from the Sooloos metadata cloud in the same way as with other imports.

All media on the Meridian Sooloos system is stored at its full sample rate. Depending on how the user listens in any given zone, the Meridian Sooloos system may down-sample higher-resolution media to a rate that is compatible with the Sooloos endpoint he/she is listening to.

As with all other media supported by the Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System, transcoded versions of higher sample-rate media will be generated in the background according to the export settings configured for the system.

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