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SmartEco saves energy

Paddy Baker 2 February 2012

A new energy saving technology has been developed by BenQ. SmartEco can automatically switch the lamp to different brightness settings to save energy, while compensating for this by retaining an optimum colour spectrum and providing improved contrast.

This means that the lamp always adjusts itself optimally and generates just as much light as necessary. If predominantly darker content is being projected, the lamp dims accordingly without causing any loss to optical brightness for the viewer.

SmartEco images are also presented with the maximum appropriate light intensity, adjusted to the room lighting. This helps prolong lamp life, which can be increased by up to 80% compared to existing lamps, for lower operating costs and reduced maintenance.

The technology is being used in three new interactive whiteboard projectors: the MX850UST and MW851UST, offering 0.4:1 throw-ratio, and the MX813ST 0.6:1 throw-ratio. An Eco Blank Mode blanks the screen to conserve lamp power by up to 70% when the projector is not actively in use.

Stand: 4U35

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