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Smart Technologies inspires collaboration

Jo Ruddock 4 February 2014
Smart Technologies inspires collaboration

Smart Technologies’ new LightRaise 60wi2 interactive projector aimed at enterprise users can handle four touches at once, allowing two users to gesture on the display simultaneously. “It is enabling inspired collaboration and it’s extending our product range of interactive whiteboards and flat panels,” said Tobias Windbrake, business development manager.

Powered by DLP technology, the wall-mounted ultra-short throw projector produces a bright image rated at 3,000 lumens, and creates an interactive surface without the need for additional hardware. It provides touch and pen-enabled input, allowing users to simultaneously write, draw and manipulate content in the included Smart Meeting Pro collaborative software using fingers or interactive pens.

The software allows for unbound workspace, so that users never run out of display area as they navigate and work in any direction, endlessly. It also allows users to break into subgroups and work on multiple displays, each having their own view of the shared file.

The LightRaise 60wi2 uses Smart’s proprietary DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology, offering effortless zero-force touch, the ability to scale images to large sizes and support multiple touches. The projector can produce screen sizes up to 100in in widescreen format.

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