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Smart-e takes HDMI and analogue route

test 30 June 2009

Smartmix is the latest product from AV switching and distribution company Smart-e. It is an HDMI and analogue router with remote control via IP. “With the transmission of Freeview HD TV by the BBC from November of this year, we are already receiving calls on a daily basis for HDMI solutions for home, leisure centre and pub entertainment systems,” claimed Smart-e managing director Jon Lane.

“The Smartmix defaults to HDMI output and is a very flexible and cost-effective solution for custom installers.”

Designed as a high-performance home entertainment solution that overcomes the technical challenges of HDMI, Smartmix receives and transmits a mix of analogue and digital signals via a Cat5 (or higher) cable within one unit. Displays can be up to 200m away.

The first Smartmix model handles eight source devices (six local and two remote) and transmits to up to eight displays. The company says that other configurations will be added to the range.

The Smartmix system can be scaled by using several matrices together, potentially routing an infinite number of signals to displays. The solution transmits HD compatible signals (up to 1080p), digital/analogue audio, and features IR.

The first units are set for August 2009 delivery.

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