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Smart-e enhancing remote device picture quality

Paddy Baker 7 July 2010
Smart-e enhancing remote device picture quality

Smart-e has added dynamic EQ and Skew compensation to its corporate AV solutions to enhance picture quality from remote devices. The new function – added to Smart-e’s 2112 presentation and conferencing solutions (SNX-2112 and SNX-2114) – addresses the negative impact on picture quality caused by the location of video source equipment at varying distances from distribution switches.

Smart-e’s dynamic EQ and Skew solution overcomes this problem by automatically compensating for the differing cable lengths and possible skew errors that can occur in Cat6 cable. Settings are pre-programmed at installation by selecting the cable length between each user. When the system is used, the SLX-RX214 automatically adjusts the picture quality for the specific cable lengths under control of the SNX-2114.

Dynamic EQ has also been added to smartCore (pictured), Smart-e’s range of large CAT to CAT non-blocking matrices which enable the sharing of AV resources across a building. Using smartiP, the company’s software interface, the cable length adjustments for picture quality are set and stored so that when a video source is selected, adjustments are sent automatically to the receiver unit. The function is being provided as standard on selected equipment and can be fitted retrospectively.

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