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Smart-e announces collaboration with Extra Vegetables

test 28 April 2010

Smart-e has joined forces with Extra Vegetables to design and build a new third-party controller for its AV distribution matrices. The new IP interface and driver option provides a more efficient way of controlling a Smart-e AV distribution matrix from a Control4 system over IP in residential applications.


Increased speed, improved reliability and the freeing-up of a serial port are among the cited advantages of the new Ethernet network IP interface and driver bundle.


The control system is available direct from Extra Vegetables, along with system support, while Smart-e remains the seller of the matrices.


Simon Scotland of Extra Vegetables commented: "Smart-e switches are so important for installers with their ability to distribute differing video formats over a single Cat5 control. It’s great to be able to bring these under smart control within the Control4 world."


Considering the wider importance of partnership, Jon Lane (pictured), managing director of Smart-e, told IE Residential: "A complete multi-room audiovisual distribution system requires a mix of good distribution equipment together with a reliable and simple-to-use control system. It is therefore very important to us that we maintain strong collaborations and partnerships with complementary equipment manufacturers. The installer can then be assured that the various parts to the system will work reliably together."

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