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Slovenian venue selects D.A.S. Audio systems

test 15 February 2010
Slovenian venue selects D.A.S. Audio systems

Loudspeakers from the Aero and Avant Series have been installed in Ljubljana performance venue Cvetličarna Mediapark. Described as the most popular small- to medium-sized concert facility in the area, Cvetličarna Mediapark hosts an eclectic array of music styles encompassing hip-hop, pop, rock and metal.

To undertake an audio upgrade, the venue enlisted Litija-based MK Light Sound. Headed by Mice Karov, the MK team installed four clusters of D.A.S. Audio Aero 12A powered line array elements. The left-right main arrays each comprise six Aero 12As, while two additional clusters – each consisting of two Aero 12As – are deployed at the far sides. Low-frequency support is provided by eight LX-218A powered subs, distributed evenly under the stage area.

Stage/drum fills comprise three Avant 215A powered two-way enclosures and three Avant 18A powered subwoofers, while eight SM-15A powered two-way stage monitors are available to the performers on request. Loudspeaker management is handled by a D.A.S. Audio DSP-4080 stereo/mono processor.

"We’ve been very impressed with both the sound quality and features of the D.A.S. equipment," said Karov. "The self-powered design of the equipment not only eliminates the issue of mating suitable power amplifiers with the loudspeakers, it eliminates the challenge of where to house the amp racks and streamlines system cabling. Further, D.A.S. Audio’s customer service is first-rate – they’re always there when you need them and they respond ASAP. All things considered, D.A.S. makes a compelling choice."

D.A.S. Audio’s Roberto Giner told Installation Europe that the Aero 12A is "especially well-suited to indoor applications in clubs such as this one thanks to its small size, easy-to-use rigging system and advanced onboard electronics that provide both power amplification and DSP signal processing. This type of system makes the job a lot easier for both the installer and the venue owner. Connections are simpler, space for the amp racks can basically be forgotten about and the sound is consistent night after night – these are some examples of why the D.A.S. Aero line arrays are so interesting. The same goes for the powered monitors and the Avant series products: simple to use, easy to set up, they sound great and are extremely reliable. What more can you ask for?"

Image courtesy of Petra Nuzdorfer.

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