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Slovenian arena updates with Electro-Voice

David Davies 26 April 2011
Slovenian arena updates with Electro-Voice

The Arena Stozice in Ljubljana – which hosts a tremendous variety of sporting and cultural events – now features an extensive Electro-Voice sound system.

The new specification was devised by Slovenia’s largest Electro-Voice rental company, Akustika Primozic of Ljubljana.

“While planning this venue, we knew that the arena reverberates a lot and we could not overshoot a predefined SPL,” explains Jan Primozic, manager of Akustika Primozic. “The trick was to put in enough PA and fly it at the proper height, which is not always possible.”

Akustika Primozic specified 32 E-V XLC DVX and 16 Xsub line array elements for FOH, with 12 XLE very-compact line array elements as side hangs. The front rows are addressed bZxA1s, while a number of other E-V speakers – including four SxA360s – are also part of the set-up. Amplification is provided by eight P3000, 16 CP2200 and six CP3000S amplifiers. Processing is achieved by two Dx38s.

Support for the installation was provided by Electro-Voice distributor Prostt d.o.o., which sent Bozo Namestnik and David ‘Sonny’ Jarc to assist in tuning the PA.

“The guys did a great job,” said Primozic. “We’re very satisfied with the high-end sound of Electro-Voice products, their road toughness, but mostly their versatility. One day we do classical music, the next one a metal or rock festival, then comes some dub, reggae and techno. It really doesn’t matter what you play through it, the system always sounds so well-defined.”

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