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Sirkom’s responsive signage displays-players

Paddy Baker 20 December 2011
Sirkom’s responsive signage displays-players

New for ISE from Spanish company Sirkom is the SRK-070 range of advertising displays/solid state players. The basic SRK-070 features a 7in-32in high-resolution display and an autoplay/loop function. Other models include an integrated motion detection module, a pushbutton-activated model and a model featuring an IR barcode scanner. Sirkom says that the key advantage of these new displays is the speed with which they operate. Going from powered down to playback is said to take only two seconds, while only one second elapses between a pushbutton being pressed, the motion sensor being activated or the barcode scanned and content appearing on the screen.   Also on show is Sirkom’s newly announced miniPC with BroadSign digital signage software pre-installed. This, says the company, is an innovative solution because of its ‘zero configuration’ requirement, such that the player can be operational only minutes after being powered on. The solution is therefore easy to sell, according to Sirkom, which points out that customisation of the solution is still possible.

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