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Visualplanet: Single user touchfoil for rugged environments

Installation Staff 11 February 2015

The next generation of touch sensor billed to be on show at the Visualplanet stand addresses the requirements for interaction with single-user touch applications in unattended rugged environments.

A UK manufacturer of large format, projective capacitive touch sensors, Visualplanet has developed the new Single User touchfoil to address customer demand for an accurate, high-performance, zero-maintenance touch experience.

The touchfoil aims to bridge the gap between the existing speed and accuracy of large-format touchscreens and the high performance levels that customers have come to expect from small-format touch sensors, such as phones and tablets.

The new two-touch, single-user touchfoil continues to perform through thick glass, with the touch experience remaining consistent in thicknesses up to 20mm. This makes it a good match for touch applications that need to withstand high volumes of traffic in public-facing applications.

Protected behind the glass, the touchfoil remains operational in all weather conditions and challenging operating environments. Full HID compatibility and on-board processing means less
reliance on the PC and increases the product’s ease of use and dependability in the field.

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