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Simplified CAT DS solutions from Smart-e

Paddy Baker 6 August 2010

Smart-e’s new simplified CAT digital signage solutions distribute content from multiple players to multiple screens from one central control matrix. Compatible with ONELAN systems, the Digital Signage Xtra (DSX) system consists of a pared-down Smart-e compact distribution switch (featuring 4×4, 6×6 or 8×8 inputs/outputs) with pre-programmed SmartiP control software, and 4, 6 or 8 general-purpose receivers (SLX-RX111).

The system can be controlled remotely via the built-in SmartiP control software, providing comprehensive system management and configuration, including scheduling and zoning through the web browser interface. The DSX range is modular, allowing for future upgrades, and is compatible with ONELAN’s Channel Manager software. Although designed for the digital signage market, the system can also be used for other applications.

Jon Lane, Smart-e’s managing director, commented: "We asked digital signage installers what they wanted, and they said an easy-to-install system that is simple to use, can cope with multiple players streaming different information to multiple displays, and controlled from a single point, avoiding the need to physically visit individual players and displays. By omitting some of the functions not used for digital signage, we have been able to provide a simplified system that offers all this at a reduced cost."

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