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SIM2 adds to grand Cinema C3X projector range

Ian McMurray 14 July 2010

The C3X LUMIS UNO is said to take "all the best elements" of its elder siblings, but deliver them with a "significant" cost-saving. Billed as the smallest full HD three-chip projector on the market, the C3X LUMIS UNO incorporates the latest 0.95in 1080p DC4 DLP chipset from Texas Instruments and the precision optics of SIM2’s new, redesigned ALPHAPATH light engine.

The new ALPHAPATH light engine features two key components: a new die-cast aluminium body that is said to improve the thermal management of the light engine, meaning that a more powerful lamp can be employed to deliver brighter images; and a new tapered rod-integrator, designed to accept the raw light energy from the lamp and convert it into a pure and refined beam of light. Collectively, the new engine helps "further improve brightness uniformity and efficiency" of light transmission.

Other features include two selectable HDMI inputs (both fully HDCP-compliant), inputs for legacy formats including composite, S-video, component and an RGBHV (VGA) connection. Both RS-232 serial and USB ports are included to ease connectivity for control and software/firmware communications. Also included are 12-volt trigger outputs, IR-sensor inputs, various lens options covering a range of throw ratios from 1.31-3.9:1, and anamorphic projection functionality for widescreen reproduction of films in 2:35:1 format.

Housed in a new cabinet by renowned industrial designer Giorgio Revoldini, the C3X LUMIS UNO is available in a moonlight silver finish at an MSRP of £18,995.

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