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Sicilian success for Yamaha loudspeakers

Paddy Baker 2 July 2010
Sicilian success for Yamaha loudspeakers

The Mambo Wine Bar in Palermo, Sicily, has become the latest venue to be equipped with an extensive Yamaha audio system. Located in the Isola della Femmine province, the Mambo Wine Bar’s owners requested a high-spec audio set-up that would be cost-effective and an ideal complement to a variety of musical material.

Ultimately, they selected the Yamaha design suggested by Palermo-based installer Decibel Pro and revolving around eight white two-way S15W loudspeakers for the bar interior, and a combination of four Concert Club Series C112V mid-highs and two CW115V subs for the exterior seating areas. Amplification is handled by two P5000S two-channel units and one four-channel XM4180.

"The club is extremely happy with the sound quality of the entire system," said Decibel Pro’s Vito Priolo. "The owners are also delighted that the system is able to outperform the audio output of the neighbouring nightclub. When the nearby venue has a DJ performing, Mambo Wine Bar has to turn down the Concert Club Speakers, because the DJ is poorly audible in his own venue!"

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