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Shure Whiteboard Sessions – the story so far

Duncan Proctor 8 February 2016
Shure Whiteboard Sessions

To catch up on previous videos in the Shure Whiteboard Sessions series, simply click the relevant title below.

Video 1: Introducing Shure Whiteboard Sessions

Each week, Shure UK cover one pro audio topic to help you expand your knowledge – beginning with: why are wireless microphones so important?


Video 2: What Part of Spectrum is Right for Your Application?

Shure UK walk you through the most common portions of spectrum to explain which is best for your application.


Video 3: What’s Happening to UHF Spectrum?

Shure UK deliver a brief overview of the current RF spectrum landscape.


Video 4: How to Coordinate a Wireless System

Get to grips with the basics of wireless system coordination in the latest Shure Whiteboard Session.


Video 5: Wireless Intermodulation Explained

Shure Whiteboard Session explaining the tricky topic of wireless intermodulation.


Video 6: Visualising the RF Landscape

Shure Project Engineer Stuart Stephens talks us through the important topic of RF visualisation.


Video 7: RF Antenna Selection and Placement

Shure UK explain best practice guidelines for antenna selection and placement.


Video 8: What’s Happening to the 700MHz Band of RF Spectrum?

Shure deliver an important message about the latest change to RF spectrum.


We hope you find these episode helpful. To learn more about wireless systems and best practice operation, consider attending one of our Wireless Mastered seminars, or our Wireless Workbench Masterclass. To ensure you don’t miss our next whiteboard session video, please subscribe at

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