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SGM LED dome lights transform dance venue

Paddy Baker 13 October 2014
SGM LED dome lights transform dance venue

SGM’s distributor City Light Slovakia devised a quality solution, encompassing both light and sound, for the refurbishment of the popular Slovakian club Ponorka Music Pub. It was essential that the owners found a unique and unusual effect to help restore the venue’s reputation.

With a decorative, high-luminosity ceiling featuring SGM LD-5 LED domes , City Light Slovakia achieved a perfect matrix effect, producing a colourful centrepiece surface for the club and amazing dynamics for its dancefloor. Some 1,260 of these 80mm diameter units, each containing four RGB LEDs, were mounted in the wooden cladding panels over the dancefloor and in front of the bar in a uniform formation, 200mm apart.

“We selected the LD-5 from SGM because of its accurate RGB colour mixing and potential for creative colour changing. In addition, this energy saving fixture, with a long lifetime, eliminates the need to invest in expensive lamps,” explained City Light Slovakia’s sales manager, Ľuboslava Činčárová.

The high number of LD-5 are controlled by French manufacturer Nicolaudie’s DMX lighting control software Sunlite First Class+ matched up with ArtNet and DMX distribution from Dutch ELC Lighting; for both brands City Light Slovakia is the exclusive Slovakian distributor.

With a capacity of 600 people, the club now attracts an increased number of visitors, who are impressed by the interior design; this is further underlined by the positive reaction on social networks. But club owner Mr Rusinkovič appears to be the most satisfied of all, since his venue is once again the top club in Presov.

Established in 1993, City Light Slovakia has been an SGM partner since 1997 and is very pleased with the recent line of lighting effects such as LT-100/200, LB-100 and the LD-5, which has brought a unique feel to their lighting business. “We believe that we will continue in this segment and we will carry out many installations with the SGM range, which we consider as high-quality products,” said Činčárová. 



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