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Setting sail for high-end home theatre audio

David Davies 17 August 2011
Setting sail for high-end home theatre audio

Featuring THX Ultra 2 performance and an ‘M-T-M’ assembly that can rotate 90-degrees, Atlantic Technology’s IWTS-30 LCR is available from Netherlands-based distributor BMB.

Atlantics ‘top-of-the-line’ in-wall theatre speaker system is said to meld superlative audio performance, high power handling, simple installation and innovative features.

The entire M-T-M assembly rotates so that the tweeter-midrange array can be kept in the preferred vertical orientation for optimum dispersion, even if the user chooses to mount the speaker horizontally.

The ’30 LCR’ is a true 3-way system with a powerful long-excursion 8” woofer, two high-power 3 ½” mid-ranges and Atlantic’s exclusive 1” Low Resonance Tweeter(LRT).

Steve Feinstein, director of marketing and product development at Atlantic Technology, told IE Residential: “The IWTS-30 LCR is a THX Ultra2-certified in-wall home theater speaker of extraordinarily high performance. It is suitable for any application where top-quality sound and sonic detail are prime requirements. Additionally, the IWTS-30 LCR has great placement flexibility, thanks to its rotating tweeter-midrange assembly that allows the installer to aim/orient the 30’s drivers for the best sound coverage. Truly a great-sounding speaker that is suitable for use in almost any placement circumstance.”

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