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Senses working overtime for QED

Ian McMurray 14 July 2010

 XTC is the name of the new ‘ultra value’ high-performance loudspeaker cable from Armour Home brand QED. A new version of the Silver Anniversary – XT cable, the new product offers a specification including capacitance of 16.6pF/m, loop inductance of 0.69uH/m, loop resistance of  25.0mV, dissipation factor @10kHz, 0.0125, and nominal outside diameter of 4mm x 10mm.

The XTC’cable carries a suggested retail price of £4.00 per metre (incl VAT) and is due to be available in stores from late September. Each conductor consists of three 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper braids wound around a hollow polyethylene central core. These are secured by a 100% clear Mylar wrap and the whole cable is sheathed in a flexible pearlescent polyethylene outer jacket. The technical advantages gained from the X-Tube geometry enabled QED’s engineers to tune the cable for optimum sonic performance with the addition of a spacer between the positive and negative cores. This fine adjustment of capacitance and inductance is said to deliver improvements to both imagery and soundstaging, together with a full and natural bass response.

QED product manager Alastair Worlidge told IE Residential: "The QED XTC loudspeaker cable has been designed and indeed ‘tuned’ as a direct result of extensive market research into the requirements of today’s home cinema consumer. Both the tonal balance and price of ‘XTC’ is designed to perfectly complement entry-level and medium-priced home cinema amplifiers and receivers."

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