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Sennheiser announces Sound Academy details

David Davies 21 July 2011
Sennheiser announces Sound Academy details

The operation of RF equipment and set-up/configuration of wireless systems will be among the subjects under examination during the second Benelux Sound Academy.

The initiative combines an online training course – commencing in September – with hands-on workshops in Belgium and the Netherlands on 18 and 20 October, respectively.

During the workshops, participants will work with Sennheiser experts to expand their knowledge of antenna technology, RF technology, in-ear monitoring and more.

Increased UHF spectrum congestion and the reworking of access rights across Europe means that the implementation of wireless systems can be challenging for sound engineers. The Sennheiser Sound Academy intends to help system users address these issues, as well as providing information on acoustics, RF technology and components.

For more information, visit the Sennheiser websites listed below.

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