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See your visiTor on your phone with visiomatic

James McGrath 25 January 2012
See your visiTor on your phone with visiomatic

Receiving its world premiere at ISE is a product described by its maker as “the most useful innovation for video intercom since the invention of the doorbell”. visiTor from visiomatic relays video from the front door to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

visiTor extends an existing video intercom facility to any iOS5-equipped device, allowing users to see who is at the door and communicate with them from wherever they are in the home. If multiple cameras are installed, visiTor can easily switch between different views – allowing users to monitor the outside of their home, for instance.

Described as amazingly easy to install, visiTor consists of a very compact controller – which connects to an analogue telephone line or the intercom interface – and a free app. Only one power connection and a connection to the existing LAN installation are required. The controller can be expanded with an optional video processing module for connecting analogue video signals.

Just a few settings in the configuration of the iPhone or iPad (such as the IP address and port of the visiTor controller) need to be changed. Individual camera settings, SIP Gateway and the intercom system can then be adjusted via a web browser.

In the basic version of visiTor, up to five devices can be used with one controller. Additional devices can be added at any time via a licence upgrade.

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